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Just wondering if any of the folks in UK or Europe can let me know how much a custom Classic was new in pounds or euros.?


One selling locally for 1000euros and wondering if it's a good deal


These have the baked maple boards yes ?



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Yup.. Baked Maple board (which are really nice to play)


And I think like this one they were about £1400 brand new so 1000 Euros sounds good if its in good condition.



Also be aware there is now a Classic Custom 2 out :)



Very cool guitars.. let us know if you get it (what colour is the one your looking at? My fave is the wine red ones). [thumbup]

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Not sure of exchange rate and with duty etc I know you guys East of the big pond usually have to pay a little more than us yanks, but I bought one new last Feb here in the states and street price was right around $1300 US if I recall. Baked maple neck is great, they play and sound wonderful and plekked system resulted in a good factory set up.

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