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no I don't know what it's worth


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I don't know either, Manny. I do know I hate people that put up ads like this - they're either smart arses or want to play games, which I'm not into. If it's legit, tell us, but this is not how I expect something legit to be advertised.


I guess you'll have to call to find out. Let us know what you learn (about the guitar too [unsure] ).

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You're just plain wrong, ScottO. The answer is "Meat".


BlueB.. The answer to Life; The Universe and Everything is 42


The question is What do you get when : 6x9=42



I think its just me.. I wouldn't pay $4200 just because the seller grabbed a picture of Billy Gibbon's from some where (even if it's from a Canadian source that over charges for everything used)

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