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Anyone out there using their 335, or other semi-hollowboby with a Roland Cube 80XL, I'd be interested to hear of YOUR experiences, preferences and settings. Having played acoustic guitar DI'd into my PA for the last thirty years, electric guitars are a whole new ballgame for me.


There appear to be lots of possibilities and although I'm still experimenting, I'm sure that there are lots of variations that I would love hear about; I know sound is subjective but someone just might have the key to find THAT sound I'm looking for. (I don't really know what it is myself yetmsp_confused.gif ).


So, I have a 335-12string and a Roland Cube 80XL.........................any suggestions please? msp_thumbup.gif



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I know this isn't exactly what you were asking for, but there is an interesting film on YouTube where Brian Robertson (ex Thin Lizzy) gives Blues guitar lessons(I had a quick look, but couldn't find it, but I'm sure it'll still be there somewhere), and he shows how the uses his tone controls at max, and uses the guitars volume control to alter his tone from clean and clear through to Thin Lizzy like distortion.

I know that has not really answered your question, but if you put all your amp dials at halfway and work from there.





There's also this, which is an advert, but it might help:

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Yes indeed...!!...I am doing something very similar(ES335semi,Strat etc solid,acoustic6 and 12str)... [thumbup]


I have a deep love for Roland Cubes...many pro friends use the Jazz Chorus too...


I have had very mixed success DI'ing into house PA's with acoustics(6 and 12str)


The advantage of a portable 'well known' amp are self evident


Personally the 'JC Clean' channel works very well...tweaking chorus and delay to taste


There is also an acoustic sim on the other channel which sounds nice and gritty if desired


IMX a 12 str requires less fx due to it's inherent interesting 'chorus-y' sound


Over heavy bass can be adjusted accordingly...like 'all middle' EQ's with a bit more treble and a bit less bass...


The Cube80's also have a line out capability which allows a dry PA boost to the sound if desired...






PS A relatively low cost Ovation 6 or 12str acoustic can sound superb through a Cube and give(IMO) a richer tone capability... <_<

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Thanks for the replies, sorry for the slow response, been hit by the flu bug haven't had much appetite to do anything!!


As I said, having been a simple "acoustic 12 string directly in to the PA" player for many years, with treble, bass and mid/sweep the sum total of my EQ'ing options; now I have a guitar with a vast array of sounds, and an amplifier with the same mind boggling choices, I am finding all the vast number of possibilities a bit bewilderingmsp_confused.gif; I think I just have too many choices!


Thanks for your suggestions both, meantime is there anyone else who has "Cube Favourites"

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I've got a couple of Cube 30X amps I use mainly for the jazz Big Band with my L-5 or L-7. I researched, and tested many amps (new and vintage) before I chose the Cube. Of course I mainly use the clean channel, but....


I have used it on a few blues band gigs with my 345, and have dialed in the "black panel" and "brit combo" settings on the "lead" channel with satisfactory results. Being an old time tube amp guy it would never replace my old tube combos, but it didn't suck either.


All in all, I think the Roland Cube series amps are a great bang for the buck.

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Can I ask you what dealer did you purchase this from and how much do they run $$wise out of curiosity? I just cannot stand hiss as I'm kind of anal about that 'shiiiiiiissssssssss' coming out of an amp. especially in a relatively quiet room...........jim in Maine

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No, it's pretty darn quiet, PLUS it's got a built-in noise gate that kills the signal to the speaker until/unless it detects sound.


I agree L5Larry, it is a pretty quiet amp..................but........



There are a few posts over different forums regarding a noise from some cubes in the form of a modulating hiss, that is noticeable on low (bedroom) volume levels and fades out together with any sustained note, and is VERY annoying!


Some forum members have mentioned this is a built in noise gate, but when I contacted Roland UK to address the problem, their technical support chap insisted that there is NO built in noise gate in the cube and couldn't understand the issue.


A thorough forum search will reveal however that this is a real issue, although as I mentioned, it is only prevalent at low volume levels and is unnoticeable at gig volumes.



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I have an 80XL that I bought a couple of years ago, and I'm very pleased with it. I have it more for the Clean JC channel. I play it mainly with semi and fully hollow bodied guitars, including an ES-335. I find the neck pickup from the 57 classics to get a little muddy, so I typically have the bass setting at 12 o'clock, mid at 2:30 and treble at 1:30. I also have those pickups set pretty low and I use T-I flatwound 11s.


Many people report hiss from their Cubes, but I don't hear any in mine, however, I have occasionally gotten some fuzzy/hissy kind of notes on the clean setting using a high degree of delay in combination with high amounts of chorus and reverb. I tried to duplicate that problem the other day and couldn't. Lately, I have been using a very low setting of delay and reverb to give it some space (I'm playing at home in a small room), and the amp is very clean and very quiet. I have gigged with this amp in a gym with a keyboard player and a trumpet player, and the amp sounded great.


IMO, the amp models are very good, but I don't often use them. I also bought the pedal so that I could use it with the looping option. I really like it, and it goes for somewhere between a minute and a half to two minutes, and it can be layered.

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