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What's your home recording set up?


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I've been in the process of setting one up for a while now and have changed my mind about 10 times. I think I'm now gonna go with:


Focusrite scarlett 2i4

Se electronics se2200 mic

Studio one artist

Acorn masterkey 61


Just wanted a cheap and cheerful midi keyboard which will do the trick and studio one artist comes with it too.


Thoughts? And what's your studio set up?

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My typical setup on a budget for recording 28 tracks at a time in 16 bit/44.1 kHz is the following:


1 APC BE 700G back UPS

2 Korg D3200 recorders

3 Behringer SRC 2496 stereo A/D-D/A-SR convertors

1 Apogee Big Ben master clock

2 PreSonus D8 Digimax preamps - analog use only

2 ART S8 splitters

1 PreSonus HP60 headphones amp

2 Behringer DEQ 2496 - display use only

2 IMG Stageline EMA400 external phantom power source

2 BSS AR-133 DI boxes

18 Behringer C-2 cardioid mics (9 pairs)

1 Behringer B-5 mic, omnidirectional capsule for recording bass drum over head


Sandwich recording in 24 bit/44.1 kHz is possible after recalling the related recorder setups and just modifying the monitor routing a little. Only up to 8 of in total 173 connections must be altered.

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