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2011 Epiphone Hummingbird


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I would like to thank Epi Forum member GuitarLight for the tip on this.


He posted a link in the other Hummingbird thread to a used Hummingbird that was at the Pittsburgh Guitar Center.

I say was because it is now in my music room.


Nice guitar. $199. It sounds good, but not booming. I think new strings and a bone nut and bridge will improve that.

I almost walked out without buying it, because I really do not need another fred.

And I just bought an '05 Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500MNS (another post to come soon).

But I noticed a WC at the end of the title.

Now in some circles WC could mean Warn Cherry.

But I had a feeling WC meant With Case.




This came with a fairly new Epiphone EDRED case. With the brown accents on the case.

A little warn, but in real good condition.


I just got one from GC for my AJ-500MNS Masterbilt for $90.

So, an 11 Epi Hummingbird that seems to have never been played with a great hardshell case for $199.

Both for $199 seemed like a steal, so I stole it.


Home the wife does not notice, after the AJ just two weeks ago, she might not understand.

She does indulge my passion, but two in two weeks is, might be misconstrued as a little obsessive. msp_unsure.gif













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Thanks Aster.


This seemed like too good of a deal to pass up.


The neck on this is slimmer than my Masterbilts, fits nicely in my hand and plays real nice.

I have a friend that is looking for a nice acoustic.

Not sure yet if I will offer it to him because I love the neck with the inlays.


I have also been on the lookout for a cherry finished Dove.

I wish I could justify the cost of the Gibson original reissues, but I like Epiphones and love finding slightly used acoustics, electrics and arch tops that play well and work with them to make them play better.


EFFL - Epiphone Fan For Life

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Magrasso! Congratulations! ..You don't know how close you came to losing that Hummingbird!!!..I saw it and knew it was a winner! I wanted it! I almost bought it myself, but I already have one! The color is stunning and it looked in great condition! I bought my used 2008 Hummingbird from that same place and am thrilled with it. Once I put my usual Elixir nanoweb 80/20 lights on it and tweaked the neck, I went crazy! But I'm sure other strings sound great too! I am so happy you got it! I know it went to a good home! Your pictures are exquisite and show its true beauty! Thank you for posting them! Enjoy it my friend. It is a fine looking guitar! And my guess is that anyone who sees it will be spellbound by both its beauty and its sound! And a case too! Man! You did REAL GOOD! ...and the color! Wow! Wow! And as you have already noticed, a Hummingbird is never boomy, nectar sweet, balanced, and crystal clear...exactly as they were designed to be ! msp_thumbup.gif

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The first thing out was Bird Song by Jerry Garcia. Nice opening riff.


Then Closing Time by Supersonic, new one I'm working on.


After that some Johnny Cash, Peter Rowan's Land of the Navaho, and Marty Robbin's Big Iron ala Kingfish.


I changed the strings, oiled the fretboard and she sounds mighty fine.

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