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Need Some Help Authenticating


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My grandfather passed away a little more than a year ago, and left me his Gibson Les Paul, however, my grandmother didn't wish to part with it quite yet, she passed away a couple weeks ago, and I finally received the guitar.


A lot of family drama went down, and I'm attempting to ensure there wasn't a bait and switch on the guitar, while unlikely, it is highly possible.


The serial number is: 550385


Under the knob cover, there were a couple numbers on the knobs, one had the following: 1377534 and 70-026


I can't quite tell if the serial number is ink or imprinted, but the Made in USA is definitely imprinted, deep.


Here are some images:





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I could've swore a few years back when I saw it there was a nameplate on there somewhere that had detailed information about, but I may be mistaken. So I'm somewhat curious. The guitar is in near flawless shape, no belt scratches, nicks, or anything else really.

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Yup.. cant see anything off..


Looks like a LP Deluxe Blue Sparkle... even though this one has a very different looking serial number....



If you email Gibson Customer Service with the pics and serial number they may be able to confirm it

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Welcome to the Forums!


My condolences to You...


As far as the guitar is concerned, it's a real beauty. If I had one, I wouldn't let it go ever...


However, (I am no expert at Deluxes) I thought the sparkle colours came in early eighties - last years of productions. As it seems, I was wrong.


Cheers... Bence

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