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Black Star Riders in Nashville (Thin Lizzy)


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I went to see Black Star Riders tonight and happened to be on the side where Damon Johnson was, holy nuts! what a solid guitar player, I mean solid. Scott Gorham can play but Damon is top notch.


I had a great time all the way around, right in front both Damon Johnson and Marco Mendoza the bass player gave me their picks at the end of the show but rewind a bit, right before they come on stage I went to the side of the bar to get some water to get hydrated (since I was drinking like a fish) and I ask a guy standing by the cooler to excuse me, he moves a bit I am getting my water and I tell him he looks a hell of a lot like Peter Baltes (Bass Player for Accept) and he says: I am Peter Baltes, what??!!! I knew he lives here but damn, I finally ran into him. I chatted with him a little while, this made my night even better.


I had a freaking blast all around.













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