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Les Paul identity issues.


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So I was at a Father's Day event yesterday with my family, watching a band and drinking some wine. The guitar player was playing a Tele. He had a Gibson Double Cutaway Les Paul on a stand behind him.


I went up to him between sets, just as he was re-shouldering his Tele, and said "Crank up the Gibson". He said "It's not really a Les Paul, it's chambered". We talked a little about how it wouldn't stay in tune for him, blah,blah,blah,...intonation...nut grooves... I said "Oh you mean because it's not a solid body you don't consider it a Real Les Paul?, I have a chambered Les Paul and It's a Les Paul to me". I wasn't mean about it, just a friendly conversation between guitarists.


Just thought is was kinda funny that he doesn't even consider it a real "Les Paul". I know this discussion has been beat to a pulp here on the forum, but...



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Clearly a Les Paul to me. I think they should make some more Les Paul Double Cuts, including massive ones, although they probably would not be called "Traditional" models... [biggrin]


To my experience, tuning and intonation issues can be properly addressed on any decent guitar. It's not just the instrument in most cases, it's how people get around with it. B)

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