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Possibly having a SGJ joing the family


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I'm trying to decide between a used SGJ (not sure, but I think its a 2013 model... I'll know more later) and brand new 2013 LPJ.


As the sig says, I own Studio Pro. Love it. My Kramer is the most valuable and some have and would steal it right out from under me... but my LP, that's my baby. Love that guitar, as after 30 years I finally got the tone/sound/playability I've wanted.


I've been reading buzz about the LPJ and watching the prices on used ones skyrocket. I had to see what all the fuss was about. Supposedly, an "original" Les Paul, just unfinished for $500 (my local GC has the 2013 for $479 - one left)? So I checked it out and I must say, I am impressed... if it weren't for the other guitar, I'd be heading over to buy that LPJ right now.


But, when I walked into the store yesterday and asked about the "LPJ", my regular guitar dude, says... "I've got a sweet used SGJ over here." Not what I was looking for, not what I asked for... but the SG was my first true guitar love. An old neighbor had one and its the first guitar that ever made me look at one and say, "I must play the guitar!"


There's a couple issues. I'm not seeing, or maybe I'm just missing the hype for the SGJ that I see for the LPJ. Some of that, I suppose could be attributed to popularity. The LP is a more popular axe. You'll find more opinions.


I'm going to go sit down with them both for a while. Hopefully, that will make it an easy decision. But, I'll check back before pulling the trigger. Is there anything I should look for, know about, be wary of... with these SGJ (again, pretty sure its a 2013).

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Never mind, guys/gals! :P


Went in, played them side-by-side... kept coming back to the SGJ. Tone and sound we're similar, SGJ more bite, LPJ more bottom end. LPJ has some setup issues that need to be addressed, SGJ, being used was setup already.


Have to wait until the 14th to pick it up, but that's cool. Still have my LP to play... so I won't be wigging out until then.

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I own a LPJ and love it. But if i had already a Studio Pro i probably would go with the SGJ.

I think that I don´t have to point out all the good things about SG´s .

I have already an Epi SG but it feels not right, it is a low end Epi and feels that way. But there are some things I love about it.

Thats the reason I want to buy a SG, I was thinking about SGJ´s, but then I saw the 70´s Tribute SG with Dirty Fingers and i think maybe that would be an option to.


Greetings Marcos

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I thought the wait wouldn't be that bad, I still have a week until I can pick up. I wanted a small practice amp, as the SG is probably going to spend a lot of time in my K5, and wanted a small amp for a light guitar. Or a small amp, for when I'm lugging a heavier axe. [blink]


I also wanted to pay off the remaining balance on the SGJ and since it was still there at the GC, it gave me the perfect opportunity to play it some more and test my guitar with my new amp. I ended up with the Blackstar Stereo 10... an awesome little screaming beast. Beautiful tones out of this thing. Sounds great with my LP to.


But, it just reaffirmed my purchase. By ear, I honestly couldn't pick a favorite. I bought the amp on the way it sounded with the SGJ. I once again, gave the guitar a full inspection, nothing wrong with it, NM condition. Went over adding some possible accessory/flavor options and I really don't think I'll change anything, with the exception of maybe (probably) the tuners, the pickups and if I do that, probably go to a traditional wiring setup, which I can easily do myself (electronics background).


Haven't made up my mind on a pickguard. The wear that I saw on the guitar was it actually glossed up a bit, where the guy strummed. I was thinking of getting some t-shirts and microfiber, some polish, elbow grease and glossing it all up.


Next Friday is going to be a great day! [thumbup]

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Walked into GC last night, right before closing and was told they would have released my guitar, if I got there earlier. They sold the guitar and the same guy traded it in, so... I got to bring it home tonight. Grabbed a couple of upgrades I wanted, though I wish I would have grabbed the black mirror knobs, I had. I got talked into a set of Grovers (which I would have done, eventually)... though I'm not happy about 6 open/visible holes. I suppose I could fill them. They mounted solid, though they didn't "perfectly align" as claimed. Good enough, the screws got bite and screwed in with relative little resistance.


I MUCH prefer them to the crappy plastic, Gibson seems to love to put on their guitars. Never have liked those tuners and these stay in tune better, IME.


Replaced the truss rod cover. Hated that big SGJ. Don't know about a pickguard (would be a 1/2). I polished it up some (enough to clean it).... but debating what I want to do, with a $299 (what I paid) guitar I love, but feel is cheap enough to get to have some fun messing with.


We'll see. Might throw new chrome pups in there to. Wish I could find the strap buttons I have from my Les Paul, after I replaced those with Schallers? Guess I'll have to buy two sets, to replace the one from my LP. Grrr... trying to save ALL original parts to (why I'm hesitant to do a PG, drilling holes).


Here's some before and after pics. After is obvious... not much more shine, but everything else is noticeable.


I think I got a steal. Th guy at GC, after I had already paid for it and been bragging, I thought I got a deal.... finally said to me, "To tell the truth, if it were up on the other wall (new guitars)... it'd be listed at around $500)." Its in good enough condition. Guy only owned it for like 2 months, before he traded for a Standard.


Hey, I'm happy and feel I got a deal. I could easily see this turning into a favorite player. I personally LOVE the fat neck.











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Just picked up one yesterday. I'm liking it allot. I have a 2013 LPJ too. They both have a great sound and feel to them. Especially for the price. Got the SGJ second hand. Some guy bought it for his son along with some play station tutorial game on how to play guitar. The kid picked up the guitar maybe twice according to his dad. Didn't happen for him. These guitars are great. Not worried if I ding it or scuff it up. They stay in tune (with a little help from mister graphite). All around a great sounding instrument.

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I really can't tell any difference, in tonal qualities of the neck versus the mahogany ones, as I haven't ever really played a lot of SGs. Most of the tonal differnence between it and my LP are the body and 'pups. Plus, its a completely different neck profile, from anything I've ever owned.


Here's some pics of the final upgrades.


Grover kidney tuners. Went with a Tusq nut, which made quite a bit of difference in bottom end/mids (added a lot). Plus, I think it enhances the look. Gibson Gear plain truss cover, vintage 'pup selector, black/silver top hats and PickGuardian '61 shorty PG... and the silver strap pins from my LP)







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