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Guy Walks Into A Guitar Shop

Marshall Paul

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A guy walks into a store wearing Birkenstocks, polo shirt, khaki shorts, $300 sunglasses perched atop his head and sporting a bronze tone fresh from the tanning salon.


He walks up to the man behind the counter and says, "I'd like to buy a couple sets of gold plated cryogenically sealed strings made by Austrian monks in the following gauge: 0.012", 0.019.322", 0.24", 0.032", 0.044" and 0.0555555559". And make sure the low E string has a hex core. I'd also like a digital case hygrometer with automatic mister, a bottle of Evian to fill it up with, one of those straps woven by left handed Peruvian paraplegics, and I'd like it all handed to me in a 100% post consumer non bleached paper bag."


The guy behind the counter says, "Oh, a Taylor player, huh?"


"You can tell I play a Taylor because of what I'm asking to buy?"


"Yes, because this is Burger King."

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