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I've decided to learn to do setups on my own. So I can only blame myself if something isn't perfect.


The first pack has arrived yesterday. Notched straight-edge, fret rocker, and a levelling beam. (Of course, - despite of the misleading picture - I won't use a beam with 12" radius on the Tele :D).




I can't remember who did recommend G&W for me, but huge thanks! Indeed very nice products!


A handy fret crowning file with a fretboard protector strip is on the way too from Chris Alsop's shop: TF081_minicrowning_mainpic_800-500x500.jpg


Also, I had a chat with Chris about a custom-made crowning file for the Fretless Wonder's low frets. It will be my next purchase, along with a levelling beam with 9.5" radius for the Tele, from G&W.


Best wishes... Bence

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...and it was Rabs who recommended this brand.


Thank You! [thumbup]



No worries... Glad to be of help :)


And yes id say its well worth learning this stuff.. Its not that hard.. Just takes a small amount of practice....


And yeah that G&W stuff is nice and a reasonable price... I did some fret work only today aswell :)


I also have one of these



And these :)


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Got these just now:




Chris Alsop crowning tool with fretboard protector, and a few strips of fine sandpaper.


Quality tools. They look, feel fine. I can't wait to try them out.


...another very nice service from UK. It came with lot of detailed instructions on fretwork too. [thumbup]


Cheers... Bence

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