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Nice employment of a J200


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No matter what it's good to see old Cat or Jusef (or whatever he should be called) singing behind a J-200.


He always had a faible for these guitars - and was an excellent player as a young man.


Touching moment when host Bob shakes hand with the guest after Father and Son - it means a lot and the troubadour understands. .



Yea, , , maybe the tr-cover was exchanged for a clean version.






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This is the first time I've seen him play a sunburst 200. Obviously his staff knew that I just got my Sunburst 200 Standard last month and Cat wanted to keep up with me!


Actually a lot of my decision in buying the J200 was because of listening to many of his recent videos. I love the sound of his guitar. I went with the Sunburst for myself, but really contemplated the natural finish seeing Cat's and liking that look. However, now my decision has come around full circle and it's good to see him with the Sunburst. And I love the sound of my new Gibson as much as Cat's.


I guess it's a Wild World!

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