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Epiphone Slash (Vintage Sunburst one) for $450 yay or nay?


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Hey everyone!


I've been searching for a backup to my Gibson Sig T for a little while. I found a Signature Slash Les Paul with the case for $450. I don't know a whole lot about Epi and their values so I was wondering if this was a good deal. I'm a big Slash fan and I played the Epi AfD Les Paul a while back and liked it. That one was like $1000 new. This would compliment my other Les Paul too since they're both the same finish.


Anyways, here it is-



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I have a full tube amp rig so I have no use for the Vox.


I wouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater


you may find it's an excellent amp for a Den, or Parlor, or small area where you like to relax and pluck for a bit. These sound good...

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Oh boy, I didn't realize how pretentious I came off as!


Yeah that Vox is a great little amp! Its just I don't need it right now and if I could save the extra $100, I would rather do that. $450 will be stretching my budget anyways, as I'm still paying for my current Les Paul and rig!


How is the resale on the Slash models? Would I make my money back if I ever wanted to sell?

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