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Was Santa kind to you this year?


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Hi Guys!


Hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas wherever you are? [rolleyes]


So, Did anyone get any nice guitar gifts this Christmas? [tongue]


My youngest Oliver got his first Guitar this Christmas and I must say I am rather impressed with it! [thumbup]


He's desperate to learn so FC took the plunge and delivered him an Epiphone Les Paul Special II player pack which even comes with a little Epiphone Amp...


What a great guitar this is... from the box it only required a good string tighten on the posts and a tune up. The fretboard was a little dry so ive treated it with some Fret Doctor...


Sounds and plays very nicely... Rather surprised considering how much they are.. I at least expected it to require a GOOD set up..

Maybe Oliver can do his own little demo in the next few weeks when he starts to learn!


15486913034_f687f2034a_c.jpgOliver by Simon Clarkson Photography, on Flickr




Flight959 [flapper]

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Oliver is one lucky guy to get that Epi pack for christmas hope he like to do some playing.Oh yea a couple of questions.

How long do you think it will be before GAS sets in, Is there a age limit.

How long before you catch him plugging into your killer Marshall half stack.

I hope pretty soon the two of you play together,you should be one proud dad.

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Santa brought me one of these. Now I have to take a degree in electronics to understand how it works!




well that's only fair. the rest of us will need to buy new glasses so we can see what it is..... [flapper]



we're kinda modest about christmas, it's rare we get to have one. this year was a rare one when we could. the guitar related gifts i got this year pertain to my strat. i got a set of black plastics, and a humbucker for the bridge position. i also got a one-of-a-kind, custom-made guitar pick. i got a new computer, so i could hook up my pod gx again.

one of my work buddies gave me the flu, so there's that as well.

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