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The nerve of some people


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I have never understood what could possibly go through the minds of people that do that kind of stuff.


I saw a girl throw a cup full of water at James Hetfield here in Nashville, he ducked and kept playing. Two security guards had this girl lifted in the air by the arms about 1 second after that happened, pretty impressive...

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Ok, there ain't no possible excuse for that. I had seen the Angus video once.

But one thing is one thing and another thing is another thing.


It has nothing to do with one's abilty or whatsoever. You can't throw a bottle at Johnny Winter. You can't throw a bottle at Angus either, or anyone for that mattter. But you can't throw a bottle at a senior, no you just can't NEVER do that.


Really, I just don't share some people's concept of having fun.

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