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New Les Paul Pro Deluxe


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Hi guys

I'm new to the forum. I have just purchased a great newLes Paul. See pictures in my opinion it's stunning. This is a 1977 Pro Deluxe with Bigsby. I know I'm going to come under fire from the "anti Norlin brigade". I have owned many Les Paul's over the years and to be honest this little gem jumps right to the top of the pile for me. The stock p90s are great with an outstanding funky spank to them. In addition to this the slinky ebony fretboard is outstanding. The only slight down side is the weight, at just over 12lb it's not a full three hour gig guitar for me, at my age lol😀. In my opinion Norlin got it right with this model that is only my opinion but I love this one to bits.

post-72288-014446500 1433109371_thumb.jpg

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Welcome to the Forum First!!


Great 77 Deluxe you've scored there

I bet those P-90s sound so smooth & creamy!!



And yeah there are sub forums under Gibson USA, Les Paul, SG etc & That is where you wanna post about this animal..

Don't be run off my anyones harsh words about posting in the wrong area.. Tech Guitars? What The #*%$ HaHa!!

So that's what they are calling them now!! [biggrin]

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Few will ever own a real classic like that. Congratulations. P 90's and a Bigsby!!!

I don't care where you post a guitar like that. We get enough copies in here. That's the real thing.


Welcome to the forum. Do a review of that entire guitar when you get a chance;

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