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Gibson les Paul less+ vs lp traditional 2015


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I personally like the Les Paul Less + better than the Les Paul Traditional Pro.


I'm a fan of naked pickups, the finish is gorgeous, and the weight relief is a BIG plus.


On top of that, the cost is much more agreeable.


The only thing I don't care for is the automatic tuning thing.

I'm scared of those things.


Prefer to keep my guitar in tune the old fashioned way.

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But soundwise is it better then an lp traditional ?


They have the same 57 classic/plus pickups (last time I looked). The Trad pro has burstbuckers I think.


Gibson's header description of the Less says "Superb playing comfort without sacrifice". Interpret that as you will [rolleyes]


Lots of people, maybe even most people, believe that the bulk of body wood makes a difference; and the trad has more body. Personally I am not convinced this is the case. What I can say is that all guitars, even those of the same model & batch run sound a little different to each other. I would base my choice of sound principally (90%) on the pick-ups.



I would not spend this sort of money without trying the guitars out. If you really cant try them out, check out as many youtube demos as you can and concentrate on the clean sounds for best comparison. Remember though that all the demos are likely to use different amps with different EQ settings. Thats why you need to listen to a lot to get any reasonable idea.


People here with trads will likely advise you to go trad. The same goes for those owning Less's, they will think the Less is better. So they sort of cancel each other out. They made their choice based on what they wanted, so they are all right.

But this is now your choice.


Good luck.

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