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Actually thats a great feeling I was;t that generous but we had a struggling School of Rock franchise in the town i live in that that way to many kids for the crappy number of guitars they own. I went in and donated 20 guitars cross the spectrum from Les Pauls Stuio's to 6 brand new nylon string Multiac Godin's so they could have different kinds of classes using those six guitars. I also gave them five amps three keyboards and two full durmast's basically everything I could find that they needed. I still go in and watch some of their show's and it's fun and if they have a really good student that impresses me then yep they usually get a guitar to help them out also unless they have one. It's been almost three years and it's still going strong and I'm still glad i did it. Sure beats selling them on eBay for pennies on the dollar or trading them in for nothing at a Guitar center or other glorified pawn shop for instruments. I had bought 5 of the barely finished les pals studio's a few years before that i was always planning of carving and redoing as custom one of a kinds and i guarantee those dive are better off being played and loved everyday then they would have ben sitting in mu closet waiting for me to someday getting around to doing something with them.

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