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is this Gibson fake


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Hi all. Im new here so tell me if I'm doing anything wrong. So my friend is selling me his Gibson but however I have a suspicion its fake, if anyone knows I would appreciate it. Thanks.


Hi, Bob; welcome to the forums.


There are plenty of us that would be happy to weigh-in and help; but we've got nothing to go on.


If you can post some hi-res photos so we can inspect it, we might be able to give you a better idea.



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Sorry about that I forgot to post the link😂 https://m.flickr.com...02/23696313842/


Thanks Bob, but if we could get some more of that; it'd be good. Sorry, but identifying from a single picture is almost as difficult as identifying from none, sometimes.


We need to see:

  • close-up of the front of the headstock
  • close-up of the back of the headstock, including serial #
  • closer shot of the body front, and then the body back
  • inside the control cavity
  • if possible; back of the pickups

This should help us plenty :)

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Here are some more picture. I havnt actually got the guitar yet as I'm being cautious first.





As far as I can tell; that is not an authentic Gibson in any right.


Hopefully someone else will confirm this, but I've never heard of an SG with a bolt-on neck.

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Seems like in the late 70s and early 80s there was one of these "looks like an SG from 50 feet away, built by nearsighted Pakistani workmen with dull tools" guitars in every third teenage boys' possession. Now I never see them. If there was a Great Burning of Formerly Popular Asian Guitars event in 1985 when Strats took over, I didn't get the invite. I never see them now. In fact, seeing this one kinda traumatized me.


Some actually sounded great. They were about 10 levels up from the Teisco-Checkmate stuff with chrome pickguards and little teeny plywood bodies.

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