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My new Gibson Les Paul Classic - TOP 3 Classical Melodies - Played BACKWARDS

Jonas Tamas

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I also got two (1 & 3), but feel I SHOULD have got them all.


Did you reverse the written notation? or copy by ear a reversed recording to do this? Nice job however you did it.



love the Seafoam finish




Glad to see you finally tidied that paper up at the end!


Thanks very much, glad you liked it! I reversed the original audio recordings and tabbed out the mirror versions, plus added new bass and drum arrangements. It was not easy, because I had to play differently - for example, if I muted a note (i.e. it became shorter), then in the reversed version this note had a missing STARTING section, meaning that it stared later, creating a rhythmic displacement. :)




Yes, Greeny is a very handsome guitar, thanks!





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