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My Epiphone Les Paul


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Got me a Epiphone Les Paul. Trying to learn guitar. Have not played music in 30 years. Played Alto Saxophone from Junior high to high school. Tried to learn guitar once and gave up just after high school trying again. Hope it sticks this time. Got about 9 chords kind of down so far.







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Hello and welcome to this nice place in the web. [thumbup]


Congrats on your nice new Epiphone Les Paul. Looks pretty from here! [love] I think she's a nice player to start all over again. Nine chords will be a good foundation for further development.


By the way, I just put down my Epiphone Les Paul. I love her the same as the five of my Gibson Les Paul guitars, I'm not kidding. I already owned two of them when I bought the Epiphone. She is simply great.


One thing worth to be recommended in particular for Les Paul guitars is the use of strap locks. I retrofitted all of mine with Schallers. The strap tends to slip off of the upper strap button without, and this often ends with a headstock snapped off. Strap locks are the best recipe for peace of mind.






Have fun playing your new baby! B)

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and yep, look into the strap locks. They are very easy to install and the make a good solid hold for your strap. Just make sure they are always properly and securely fastened on the strap (there's youtube vids if you're at all squeamish about it)

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