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The Hawaiian shirt of pickguards. This fine comparison video allowed for the realization of the one thing preventing me from finally succumbing to Hummingbird gas, and it took a Hawaiian shirt up against that Hummingbird to make me realize it. Maybe we could get some shirts made using Hartford Snyder's classic Hummingbird pickguard design on them… We'd sell a few around here; I could think of one person in particular. . .


Fun to play the blind test game along with those two; the Taylor is easy to pick out- the 'Bird and the Martin- well, it could also come down to individual guitars in the demo, and to strings (which they never in their vids mention as being equal) , and as they say, the mahogany and scale length giving the Bird it's warmth .

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Fun to see these sympathetic guys having fun -

But I find it worrying they can't tell those models from each other.


I think most of us here would be able to do that like a cat senses a fish from a mouse and a bowl of milk.


Maybe the shirts stole some of the attention. No, wait a minute, , , they have their eyes closed as well. .


Play on lads

, , , and yes, it's allowed to have a blast

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Very interesting and fun watch, thanks for sharing.

I thought the Martin was far better at the beginning of the video, but at 8:00 when they start the strum comparison, no surprise here, the bird seemed soooo far above the 2 others to me. Powerful, deep booming woody sound. For picking no surprise either, found the martin incredible even though bit too bright for my taste(19:45).


Em7, i think they're just trolling for the blind test.

For example at 14:16 he can't be ignoring, while looking for 3rd fret positionning for G, the neck shape of Martin behind that he probably feels with his left hand thumb.

And guitar shape of a Taylor does not compare to the others, so how could he think one second that it is a hummy?


Anyway, had fun watching.

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Em7, i think they're just trolling for the blind test.

Aha, , , not that sure - looks as if the good fellows want to take the test.

Whether they also want to fumble between the brands I don't know. If yes, the game is pure spaghetti.


Anyway I understand their lust for party and have not seldom done blind-tests both in the studio and here in the temple.

I even have a pair of old rock-shades, which are further covered with black duct-tape for the experimentation.


After dinner and some talk, but before actually jamming, my acoustic friend takes place on a chair.

First we laugh a bit (as the scene basically is rather comical), , ,

then we gear down in holy concentration and I hand him different guitars he hasn't seen beforehand - over the years often similar models - and the A/B begins.

Back'n'forth - different playing styles etc.


I can only recommend it - highly entertaining, , , , and the good guest is amazingly precise.




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The comment that stuck home with me was The guitar dictates what you want to play.

I guess that's what I do. When I play a Martin I tend to play country or blue grass

neither of which I can play.

Grab a Gibson and I'm in my comfort zone. His comment about wanting to be Brian Adams

or Sheryl Crow.

With me it's more Blues and Southern Rock and it just doesn't sound right on a Martin.

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