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The Dreaded Scoring Mechanism


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Damn, you can't vote for or against yourself! Maybe the Russians can help me out. I think it was Joe Stalin who said, "it's not the people who vote that decides who is in power, it's the people who count the votes." But, have you ever seen a famous Russian acoustic guitar?


How do you know it's not the Russians who are pressing the little buttons remotely anyway?

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And for those who don't know (or couldn't care less) what we're talking about......




I believe the 3 of them played on the above linked LP from Elektra. "The Blues Project" was a monster collection of the best performers in that genre in the mid 60s.

I have heard it reported that the pianist on one track - "Bob Landy" was actually Bob Dylan.

This, and a related Elektra LP - "The String Band Project" were my "Old Testament" and "New Testament" for years.

They are collectors pieces going for $500 now.

Wish I knew what happened to my copies.




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