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Fake LP GT Limited Edition? Trus Rod and Electronics pictures!


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I bought this guitar used, and it looks like the real thing...


But when I opened it to check it out I got a bit worried.


1. The electronic is kinda messy! The pots are correctly marked, but its just not as tidy as on my other Gibson (Les Paul Studio). The sound is good, so maybe its just because of the switchable picup pots...


2. When I opened the Trus Rod cover I nearly had a heart attack. The Trus Rod is BLACK! On all pictures Ive seen the truss rod is "Silver"...


Did I get ripped of and bought a copy?


Thanks all...


Now with pictures!

















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You aren't see the truss rod, you're seeing the truss rod nut which typically turns black from to the black spray paint used for the head stock color which is applied before the truss cover is installed. Just scrape it off and move on -


Pics would be cool too -

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I'm with bryvincent that truss rod nut is not the original.


Another thing that bugs me is the way the control cavity is painted inside... you can see how they have "accidentally" sprayed some paint in the bottom of the cavity... that's just weird, do you have a pic of the entire guitar? (front-rear-side) and of the side of the neck?


I am 50% - 50% with this one... (50 its a fake, 50 its a real GT but has been moded or fixed)

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its a real LP GT but modded. the black paint is probably conductive paint which serves as a shield. but what concerns me is the truss rod. the way i look at it, there is probably no tension at all on the truss rod. did you check the relief on the neck? there should be a metal strip before the nut that acts as an 'anchor'. as you tighten the nut, it pulls the truss rod making it straighter thus straightening the neck.



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