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The day before my 63rd birthday last month, I visited a guitarist friend who has loads of gear.

He sold me an 8" Jensen for my Fender Vibrochamp.


Before - it had a Weber Signature Series (budget) speaker which was very clean and didn't break up well at full volume.....




After - the Jensen (what you can see of it) has a much bigger magnet, is bassier (yay!) and has a lovely break-up, giving me a nice distorted sound at full volume.




Amp experts will notice that I installed it upside down for that special tone.... [laugh][flapper]


Today I got this modded Boss GE-7 (via ebay), boxed with a psu.




The GE-7 is a pedal that needs modding to remove the hiss, and once that's done it's a very fine and extremely useful pedal. 15db boost on the eq and 15db boost on the overall level too.

Plugged in using supplied psu and found one slider had crackles and there was a nasty noticeable whine at 1.6k.

Gave it a spritz with Servisol switch cleaner, powered up again using my Tandy universal psu and presto - working great, and totally quiet. [thumbup]


And my friend with all the gear has a Marshall 1912 2x12 cab which I WILL have (I only live once), probably next month....will update.


Best wishes to all!

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