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SongBirds Museum in Chattanooga


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So I stopped at the new Songbirds Museum in Chattanooga on the way back from a Metallica concert in Atlanta.


What a great collection of guitars, so many and so incredible.


A bit pricey, there are several options but essentially you can have a self-guided experience for under $20 but, you get to see only one '59 Les Paul, the rest are part of the guided tour option which is right under $40 and takes you to the vault where there are some more bursts and other expensive stuff.


I have been to other guitar/music museums but this is a really nice collection of guitars under one roof, simply incredible.


I sneaked in a few pics when I was by myself.







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They will get rotated because they actually get played, at least most of them.


Frankly most guitars of that era are gone forever and really.a lot of musicians do not want to take them out on tour anymore.


I am planning to go again in a few months since my wife is from Chattanooga.

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Kinda heartbreaking though.... all stuck behind glass.


I was thinking the same thing, "Poor things not getting played any more." It would be great if they were rotated out and played from time to time. I've been thinking about my guitars when I pass. I want them to go to someone that will play them and love them as much as I did. Hopefully I have a few more decades left. :)

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They will get rotated and played. probably most of them are owned by professional players actually, like Bonamassa, Gill, Lukather, etc.


I for one am glad they are preserved and displayed otherwise I'd never see them.


Frankly, it never bothered me to see guitars in museums, they are not mine and I would not get to play them anyway. Hell, I am having a hard time finding time to play my own guitars.

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