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Help I.D. this jumbo guitar case, please


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I bought this case from a vintage guitar store here in L.A. many months ago.

Its in like-new condition. I actually was looking for a case for one of my Jumbo Guilds, when I stumbled across this, and it fit the guitar nicely! I have since found the proper Guild case, so I thought I would put this up on reverb or ebay or maybe even here...but I don't know what year they did this logo on the case. Its for a super jumbo (17") and it's a Canadian-made TKL (has the leather pull-tab on the compartment lid inside, with TKL logo embossed on it) and its interior is blue. Any ideas?


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I believe this case first appeared in 1999, when Gibson's acoustic lineup was significantly revamped.


It is exactly like the case my '00 J-100xtra jumbo came in when purchased new. The same "Tone-Feel-Appearance" logo also appears on the guitar's inner label.


Likewise, the logo appears on the case and inner label of my 2002 J-45 Rosewood. At some point later in the decade, the logo was discontinued.

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