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I often get mistaken for Julie Andrews.


Only posting this cause I stumbled upon a harmonica revelation I didn't know about.Not that I know much about harp playing but I dabble with trial and error.

Just came upon 3rd position harp.Good for minor blues.Use a harp one tone below the song key.So this song is in Gm and using an F harp.I like the moody wailing sound - different from cross harp blues.

Supposedly the first recorded 3rd position harp playing was Little Walter in 1951.


Tenor uke here.




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Quite early here too - This woke me up.


If I was the director of a travelling teatre-grotesque you would be hired on the spot.

To introduce a performance like this the right place in a play would be of immensely strong effect. Expressionism at its best.

Not even sure you'ld need to change costume - perhaps black snail eyebrows and a glimmer cone-hat - there we go.


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Ha! BBG and EM7...talking about favorite things I think I enjoyed those comments more than any I've ever had [biggrin].

As far as spoonful of sugar..I think as a little kid we had one record at home.Mary Poppins.My sisters and I had it on high rotation. But I'll spare you any more from the Julie Andrews oeuvre.

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