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Guatemalan is the new Braz???


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Check out Martin trying to sell a Guatemalan Rosewood D 45 for $15,000:







This is a desperate attempt to dress up fools gold imho.

They know that the EIR stash will run out eventually and are trying to come up with a new "gold standard".


$15,000 for this is outrageous and wrong even if it's a John Mayer Signature.






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Guatemalan rosewood is a Dalbergia, just like Brazilian and EIR, so it is apparently a true rosewood. How it compares with the other two, I have no idea.


In most of the online photos I looked at, the color and grain of Guatemalan are much closer in appearance to Brazilian than EIR is.


A D-45 is expensive no matter what rosewood is used, and hand-signed editions of both Martins and Gibsons demand a premium as new guitars. A comparison is the Crossroad edition ES-335 Gibson did a few years ago. Those were hand-signed by Clapton, and brought a staggering premium over even the price of an equivalent ES 335 Historic.


The list price of a new Brazilian D-45 is $45,000. A new Brazilian D-28 is $20,000. I can't find a price for a new EIR D-45, so maybe they don't make them.

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J. Mayer goes limousine. Isn't this his third signature Mart.

Guess the man deserves it - he can be stunningly good



Approx. 2009 ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20Ov0cDPZy8



But lefty-friendly, , , what does it mean. The pattern isn't 'neutral' or turned (kind of) upside down. .

And notice how the rosette continues over the fret-board. Did something similar with his 00-42SC

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