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Bose S1............


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I have never been disappointed in any product from Bose. They are pricy but imo you get what you pay for.

This S1 looks like it's a great product and would be a great fit in a lot of circumstances.

Be interested in what you think after you check it out Murph.

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I cant even begin to read this thread... its about 14 pages - from AGF: http://www.acousticguitarforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=497089



Anyways, looks like it can use cord power or optionally a battery. two tone match channels. also an aux. Looks great from one guitar one vocal. Probably can expand with a mixer into the aux.


Bose makes some sweet stuff no doubt. In the price range, also look at the Fishman Loudbox Artist. I love them too.

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Tried one out (with Taylor 314) , it sounds awesome. It has a ton of bass and does not break up. Tried my phone through it as well and sound was just as good. Did not try a mic with it. It's light and for its size, loud and great sound.

Will pick one up soon.

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