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I just did a little touch up on the nut for someone on this guitar. I haven't seen one like this, I'm assuming someone trimmed the headstock, etc. at some point in it's past. It's one of "those" guitars that's just plain fun to play. (No I didn't re-string it like that)







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Actually, I think the headstock is "stock!" It was Epiphone's ("Olympic") version of a Melody Maker!

It's had Humbuckers added, to replace the single coil pickups that are stock. And,

he, or someone, seems to have moved the input jack off the pickguard...(probably to the

lower right edge), and possibly(?) rewired it, for one tone and volume control, instead

of 2 each, on 2 pickup models?? I don't think the pickguard is "stock," either, as

they were usually "tortoise shell," and had the hole for the input jack as well. It was

probably changed, at some point, as were the tuners.


Stock Epi Melody Maker




Cool Guitar, though, regardless of what was, or wasn't, done to it! [thumbup]



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Stock headstock for sure. Saw a lot of these back in the day but even more Melody Makers. They usually had a sunburst finish with a thin Les Paul style body single cut and a double cut version. Came with either 1 or 2 small single coil pickups. The top of the guitar was routed out for the electronics that were all mounted to the pickguard. The set neck was mounted in a rather bulky rectangular socket that was sometimes shaved down to provide better access to the high notes. These guitars usually played really well which caused people to Hot Rod them with better hardware, ie pickups, tuners, bridges and tremolos. Extreme modding went on because these were relatively inexpensive beginner guitars that played really well. I had a couple Hot Rodded Melody Makers myself, they were great.. The Epi's and Melody Makers from this era are quite collectable modified or not. :)

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