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hey all i need a new hybrid case for my guitar i will list the terms below


1. it has to be a hybrid case

2. it must be able to carry books and a laptop (im a music student)

3 forget body glove i have already bought two and i had to return both of them; they were both broken huge pain in the ***

4. eletric guitar case


ok let the suggestions roll, im well aware this can get a lil pricy but for what id use it for its worth it

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hey richci hybrid cases are cases that have the durability and protection of a hard case but the convinence of a gig bag so its has fabric on the outside but inside it is reinfoced like a hard case but you can also put it on ur back like a gig bag so your hands stay free and you dont have to lug around the added weight of a hard case its the way to go if ur in a city enviorment


but why would you carry a backpack and a guitar case when you can combine them in one? plus i have a hard case that came with my gibson but its REALLY heavy especially for something im having to cary around all day

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