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Just a post to say I am enjoying this new guitar a lot after owning it about a month! It is pretty flawless in build quality, great to play because of a decent factory setup. And of course, sounds superb.


I think I might be lucky to have nabbed it before the rich and famous got it! [biggrin] (I missed on a few 'special builds' recently and was at the shop just after it landed).


I previously assumed the satin black 'one offs' were covering up some horrible wood disfigurement or something, but I found out the owner of the music shop custom orders them with a wait time of at least 6 months.


Either way, it is mine, ha ha. Sounds great acoustically AND plugged in through the sensational Maton pickup system. Lots of people on the internet say these guitars are lousy acoustically and great plugged. Not my 2! I have not played many. I will now!


As an experiment, I played it in DADGAD tuning this morning and while a lot of these small bodies can be quite lousy in that tuning....this one is great. I am really impressed. I would like to try the rosewood model of the same size and perhaps a ..gulp...Custom Shop model of the same size in different woods..... [unsure]


I sure am having trouble getting the Nikon to capture the satin black finish though - I have taken lots of shots and the camera auto software wants to make the black a dark blue or green. Here is a pretty good shot (and the sticker on the bridge is to tell people that the nuts on the bridge attach the pickup system etc - NOT to alter the height of the bridge - not sure if I should remove it though it was the first thing I did after buying my other Maton 808):














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Thanks RBP!



I was just reading old threads about these guitars and there is not one good word for them!


Either I fluked 2 great ones or........?









Edit.......I played one of my Lowdens and then my Cargill custom 00 to ‘re-align’ my hearing. Stunnng guitars and I have been extremely fortunate to grab those! Just beautiful! Enveloped in a wall of sounds! Now, what was I doing? Oh yeah, comparing guitars. A decision has been reached - I am considering ordering another Cargill custom (before he falls off his motorbike again!). I would like another 00 deep body but with a mahogany back and sides and probably cedar for the top and the same exact neck as my other Cargill. Same Schaller M6 tuners. Full Goth Gloss black finish with ebony binding! Ebony tuner buttons. Ebony bridge, fretboard. Saw all that on an electric, phew. And....the Maton AP5-Pro pickup system! Whho hoo.

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