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What I Don't Know...Is A Lot. 30's L00 Bridge


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Paper thin at the wings, sloshy pin holes and beginning to lift. Thought it might be a good time to swap it, but I don't want to put anything but a period correct bridge on. When I went to the Umanov site I saw he had just sold the one I needed, so I'll live with what I have. I put a zero fret thingy on this guitar and I'm very happy with the little bit of crispness it added.

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The luthier I use does a nice job at duplicating the bridges.

Here's one he made for the Banner J45. When I got the guitar, the previous owner opted to shave the bridge down rather than reset the neck. It could had been rebuilt by glueing a piece of BRW on the bottom.

I've kept the original in case someone down the road wants to put it back on.




He's currently working on this '43 LG1 for me. This bridge has had a rough life. A couple sets of dowel pins added?? An extra saddle slot???

Since it hasn't been shaved down, he's going to try to rebuild it. If that doesn't work out, he'll make a new brw one for it. He's done some very nice work for me and builds custom guitars.




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