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Es-335 with a 50s neck


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The new standard Les Pauls feel really nice.to me. I was playing with both the 50s neck and 60s.

The 60s felt just like my 09 ES-335 but I’m thinking the 50s neck was a bit nicer in my hands. I’m going back to have another feel though, I have to say that I was really digging that neck.

Is the C shape much like the 50s neck? I’m thinking that I should look for a ES-335 with a 50s type neck.

I need to avoid the vintage stuff (cost lol) but I’m guessing there some newer years that have something like the 50s neck.


Anyone have any suggestions? I like black,dots, unbound neck and classic 57s, though that’s secondary to the feel.



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I looked es-335 with a fat neck. He says it’s a 07 the serial number says it a late 06. It has a long guard, however the frets run over the binding. The tuners look like klusons but have no name and the tuning pegs are slotted.


A bit confusing lol

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ES-335 '59 Historic from the Nashville Custom, Art, and Historic shop is a pretty authentic reproduction of the 1959 neck, as well as the rest of the guitar. COA says "'59 335", with an A-prefix serial number. Mine is from 2009, but they were built off and on for a few years.


Nice guitars, if you can find one.

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