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Which type are the stock strings for my LP?


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Hi guys - my first post here.


Bought a Les Paul Standard just before christmas, and got two extra sets of strings along with it. These were not Gibson strings, and I guess I liked the stock strings better.


Anyone know which kind of strings the LP's come with?

Could it be the Les Paul Electric SEG-LP10?



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I have been using Elixir on the Electrics (ultra thin Nanoweb) but I've been hearing a ot about Gibson strings for electric (just nobody knew which type of Gibson). So what's the different between Bright Wire 10/46 light and Gibson Vintage and Gibson Slinky .09 light ... and have any of you used Elixir Nanoweb? How did they compare. (Believe me strings are one BIG headache for me) ... hard to get settled on one type - one brand. )

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