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Gibson OP-25... a good deal?


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Hi all!

There is a Gibson OP-25 for sale locally, for about €800 ($900). It is possible not many have heard of this guitar; basically it's an Ovation competitor with a plastic rounded back. Not a lot were made, it's bloody rare... I was wondering if anybody does happen to know these guitars, could tell me a bit more about it, and if $900 is a good deal? Thanks in advance for your feedback!



The Netherlands

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For $900, you might be better off looking for a Gibson LG1.   The LG1 can sell in the same price range and has the traditional vintage Gibson vibe to it whereas the bowl backed model you mention was more of an experimental thing in Gibson’s part to try to cash in on the new wave of popularity of Ovations at the time.   Gibson didn’t establish itself as a player in that realm and the bowl back model was short lived in Gibson’s production.  As a result there is very little demand in the vintage guitar collectible world for the short lived  bowl back model.  I am actually surprised it’s selling for an asking price of $900.  I guess just having the Gibson name is what’s driving it’s price.  I think a LG1 is a better guitar while still in the price range.  Or, a Gibson Gospel Reissue.  Or, the new L-00 Studio model that lists for about $900, I think..  Those all have a much better Gibson vibe and value and in my opinion are better Gibson guitars.  Just my perspective.

QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff


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