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I felt the need to share. My 14-month old SJ-200 opened up it's hood and out came an increased big motor purring sound this past week. It's never had a problem with low end, but it seemed to add a flavor layer. I could feel the vibration as it just exploded outward, seemingly from within. Good times!  

Someone here mentioned to me, back when I got my Hummingbird, that it was fun to listen to the new Gibson acoustics open up, even over time-frames. True to form, they've each had their growth moments.   😎 

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It very well might be the case. From a visual perspective, my  17 month old Hummingbird, which was a warranty replacement, took on a different sheen the last few times out. Richer or deeper looking. Low speed melodic picking has really blossomed on it one, too, around the same time. 

Comparing these to my two nice non-Gibsons: My 2015 Taylor 614 (Maple x-braced) has always been a different sounding Taylor effort. Instead of blatting out pure  volume, it blatts out a nice tone. That tone got richer along the way and really kicked into high gear about 3 years into ownership.

On the opposite end, this years new guitar was a Martin D-41. It had several changes in the first 10 days. Some others have said similar things on their unofficial forum.  I guess those need to be played a bit right from the beginning, but I don't know why.

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The only new Gibson I had I parked on it's stand in front of my bass players Ampeg during band practice and let the low notes shake it to it's core. Not sure if it made a difference but she sure got a ride for her money. I hear Metallica has a new whiskey called Blackened and they take the casks of whiskey and punish it with huge speakers to force the whiskey in and out of the wood of sherry barrels they use to age it so I must have been on the right track. 

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