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More bluegrass style vintage guitar demos by Tony Watt


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A few years, my friend (and well known bluegrass flat picker) Tony Watt came to visit and demoed a bunch of my guitars.  He came back recently and did some more.  Tony is a confessed mahogany Martin dread lover (1937 D-18 and modern 1937 D-18A), he seldom likes (1) Gibsons, (2) straight braced Martins, (3) rosewood of any type and (4) small guitars. Well (oddly) last time he ranked two Gibsons at the top -- 36 AJ and 43 S RW), but he did not care for either the 36  J-35 Trojan or the 35 Jumbo (which I certainly personally like and use for bluegrass.)

So he came back and did some more.  Here is the whole augmented set.

Tony Watt Demos

Let's pick,


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Thanks Bill, this was the best A/B  demo I've seen/heard. It makes it easy for someone like me to clearly hear the differences - nuanced or obvious.  

Your collection may not be a National Treasure  -  but it is clearly a national treasure.  Each guitar is special - but the overpowering presence of all of them - Wowsers ! 

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So I've been thinking about this Tom, and the individual demos are more than impressive, but only part of the story - I think we need to better understand how these instruments fit within a mix.  If you ever get a hankerin' you should assemble a cast of your blue grass cohorts for a day or two and replicate the lead and rhythm demos for a few (as many as possible) of your guitars.  ...in the name of science 🙂.  Keep all the other instruments the same, just swap out guitars.

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