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Opinion needed


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I need an opinion.

How does a chrome Floyd Rose pair up with black tuners?

Is this a guitar faux pas?


Im asking because im thinking of leaving the tuners as they came (black)

and installing a nice chrome Floyd....I just dont want it to look stupid.

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I wish I knew more about these specific things like tuners, nuts, saddles, and etc. etc.. Is there a good book that can get me up to speed on these ancillary items.


One of the reasons I picked Gibson is the expectation that it would have nothing but the best ancillary equipment. I know I have good stuff, but it would be nice to know what else is also good.

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what guitar is it? Pics would also be good. I think I'd still stay with my previous statement though.


But if it doesn't personally bother you, why drop 50+ bucks on tuners?


I've got the 'vintage tuners' right now and I'm gonna change 'em to chrome but it doesn't look terrible probably to most people. I'm just anal about these kind of things. I might not get a recommend brand just because they're chrome instead of nickel...

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As a repairman I've replaced a few floyds due to corrosive sweat eating the plating off.


Going with the Chrome Floyd is a good call - because that type plating is hardest and least prone to corrosion, in my experience Chrome is the the most durable.


Gold is the worst - 6 months after installation it tends to look 6 years old., while the Black Floyds fault is the color can easily mask trapped moisture - it can be hard to maintain, as post gig moisture can easily be left on the saddles, then one day you open the case and find the onset of rust.


Just remember never put your guitar away wet!


Since its a floyd with locking nut -if you do elect to get matching chrome tuners, dont waste money on expensive ones, they are out of the equation after you clamp the strings with the Floyd's nut.


Also please say its NOT your Les Paul this is going on!

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