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Throwing this string question out again


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I use Martin Authentic Acoustics (SPs) 80/20 Bronze Light-Mediums 12.5s on my Epiphone EL-00.  Or, if I can’t get them, Martin Authentic Acoustic (SPs) 80/20 Bronze Mediums (13s) on my EL-00.   On my 1965 Gibson LG1, also a small bodied guitar, I use Martin Authentic Acoustic (SPs) 80/20 Bronze Lights (12s), but only because it’s an older guitar and I feel 12s rather than 12,5s or 13s will help preserve the older instrument due to 12s giving the guitar a bit less tension on the neck and body.   

QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff


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Ah loves me some string posts...  can't get enough of em..  HA!

My acoustics all ride well with

  • Gibson Masterbuilts PBs, and Gibson J200s (Both still can be found thru Amazon)
  • Elixir Nano PBs  (...last long time...)
  • D'Addario J16s.

I use 12 gauge on everything 'cept my 12string.  I think I have 10s on there,, maybe 11s..  can't recall it's time for a change too,, maybe today..


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