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50’s LG 2 vs 50’s J 45 (2020)


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Why is it always one guitar vs another like in a UFC fight. If two guitars are almost the same sure, but those 2 guitars are totally different.

Its like when I had a D-28 and I compared it to my 000-28. Same type of wood, appointments, ect.  Both were two totally different guitars expect they were both 28 series guitars.

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That was a good comparison. In this instance, and for this style of playing, the LG-2 seemed more lively than the J-45.

Both of these re-issues have scalloped top bracing, which was probably gone on both original models by 1954-'55.

The point he makes about the smaller-bodied guitar being more easily driven by a lighter touch is a good one. When I feel like finger-picking, I am more likely to pick up my L-OO Legend than one of my slope-Js.

Flat-picking is another case entirely, where the larger-bodied guitars really start to pull their weight.

The retail prices of those two models are only $200 apart, which makes sense given the small differences in labor and materials required.

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