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New Old Guy here. Hi all.


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Hello from New Jersey. 

Been on the planet 62 years and for my birthday my wife and kids pooled their pennies together and got me a brand new Les Paul Classic. Which is great if only I knew how to play it. It's been three months since I got it and I'm down stairs in the den at least an hour a day, every day, growing new callouses. I love that thing.

My kid is a musician and a music major working on her Masters so thru her high school and under grad period I lived vicariously through her and bought her a Fender USA American Standard when she graduated High School. A Martin acoustic when she graduated college, and a PRS CE when she completed her Fulbright Scholarship. While she's away in England I'm using her Fender Blues Jr amp and a Line6 POD Go with the amp simulators off. Love the tone from this thing. Don't use the single coil tap much nor the phase switch. 

I listen to Blues, Jazz, Classic Rock, Latin Jazz, Folk, Classical, Opera, and some Country. Lately it's classic Blues, mostly Albert King and Eric Clapton with some John Mayall thrown in. Been playing mostly Blues on the Les Paul. 

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Hi Ordy,  I got one year on ya! 🙂

Your daughter's path so far is impressive.  Hopefully she can continue down this road.

Since you're one a blues kick  of late, are you at all a fan of Joe Bonnamassa?  No so classic,  but I think he takes traditional blues to a slightly different level.  His band is tremendous.

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Hey Ordie welcome to the forum.  A Les Paul is versatile enough to play in most of those genres you listed (well maybe not folk, classical or opera) so you should have a great time learning all it can do.  You'll find that the coil tap and out-of-phase are things you might punch in for one song here or there, but just straight up a LP can do a lot.  Enjoy!

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Welcome aboard Ordy.  I'm 67 so a bit older.  Congrats on your new Les Paul.  Sounds like your daughter can help teach you to play but when I retired from the Railroad at 60, I signed up to Guitar Tricks on the Internet. They give you a 1 month free trial, They take you through how to hold a pick, different strumming patterns, chords, how to bend strings, everything you can imagine. They have help lines, private teachers, and covered all that you listed except latin and opera. Tell them what you are mostly interested in and they give you thousands of songs to learn. They take you through 5 steps of difficulty from beginner to expert on songs to choose from. One thing I learned is to play closer to the fingernail as possible and it hurts less. I can play for an hour and I have no callous anymore.  Of course I use size 9 strings also and that probably helps too?  Rock on. 

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