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1970s J45 v. 1970s Hummingbird


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Dear All,

I am new here. I have a 1973 J45.  It appears to me that during the 1970s period the J45 and Hummingbird were identical except for the pearl fretboard inlay, headstock and pickguard.  Am I missing something, is there anything meaningfully different during that period with the bracing or other structural features?

Thank you,


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Twang,   apparently in the mid-70's, when a South American Brewing Conglomerate took control of Chicago Music Intstruments, which owned Gibson - the quality of their guitars spiraled downwards - including the cost savings attempt of 'Norlin"  to make J45s virtually the same as H'birds.  The bean counters figured they could use the same cases, I guess.   "Thank God and Greyhound they're gone. "   

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