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My New J200 Custom Elite


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Thanks to all who have answered my questions over the last couple of months on the different

models. There were so many to choose and all had unique personalities; some good some bad.

Yesterday I found her and even though she is a bit overdressed for may tastes the tone just blew me away.

She's a J-200 Custom Elite and was born in 2002 in Montana .

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My M-R GIBS is a SJ Custom Elite born in Montana on the 06.02.2007.

There is no other guitar that can produce such sound!

Well, we want the pictures, the first song and a little bit more words.

Do you have more words about your SJ?

By the way - did you gave your SJ 200 a name?

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Congratulations on picking out an awesome guitar! When you find 'the one', it's a good experience.


I have a J-200 Elite as well, a little bit of it forms my avatar pic. A bit more of it is pictured here:




Get us a picture of yours to share with us!



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Jayla' date=' Thanks so much for posting my pictures 8-[)[/quote']


You're quite welcome.


FYI, what you need is the exact web address of your image in order to post it here. To find it on Flickr, just view the source code of the page, search for the .jpg tag preceded by your image's name or number, and cut and paste the entire address here between "image" tags. (You can get the "image" tags by clicking on the "image" icon above -- it's the icon with the mountains and moon on it -- or simply typing them out.) The line should look like this:




And that ought to do it.

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