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1964 Trini Lopez Standard Reissue VOS - Pelham Blue


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Unless it it a specificly designated number run Gibson won't tell you how many they are making. If it says its a run on 500 then 500, but limited in Gibson terms means they make as many as they want until they don't want to make them anymore.

6k is a lot for an ES with a Strat style neck.

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If it's a special run for Sweetwater (maybe why you haven't seen it anywhere else), Sweetwater will probably tell you how many they are having made.  Also they have a 30 day return policy no questions asked, so if it's not exactly what you like when you get it, it only costs you the return shipping to get your money back.

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Plus... Sweetwater claims to do a multi-point inspection to make sure the guitar is in good shape before they ship it to you (rather than just forward the box to you unopened) and they will set it up the way you prefer if you can communicate that to them.

As others have said: if it's a guitar and color you covet at a price you can afford, I'm of the opinion, generally, that you can buy from Sweetwater with confidence - particularly given the generous "we want you to be happy" returns policy.  I also think, generally, that Gibson isn't likely to be making a boatload of Trini's and shipping them all over creation. If you've always wanted one, there's a good chance (imho) that less than ten dealers will have any at all - so don't let the opportunity pass you by if it's on your wishlist. Just my two cents...

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