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Counterfeit-fake poll... what would you like to see next?


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Ok... I thnk we are all tired of the same old ZW signature model that can be spotted from a mile and the always popular flame fretboard 3 pickup chrome bigsby equiped suprOme.


So... how about we challenge them to make an access or something so we can laugh our a$ses off when they make it with a fender style trem instead of a floyd rose? (hypothetically speaking and just for fun... )

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I think they could make such an AXE... if they were lurking on this forum they would have gathered this info already:


AXE is a superstar that uses gibson.

AXE likes kitty guitars and has a pink lester.

Some a-hole stole his bicycle and he bought a better one.


So yes... I can see it happening as they wouldnt know its all a joke.

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Judging by how the poll is going I think you will get your hearts desire soon AXE... the AXE signature Les Kitty with "made in usa" printed on the back and a 19 digit serial number...


Where do I find details on my AXE serial number?


It is - 1200259745488524356





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