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Ever Played a Dan Armstong Ampeg Plexi?

Mr. Robot

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I have always wanted one of these guitars, largely because Keith Richards played one from '69 until about '72. His has gone missing and Ampeg have since reissued it.


But, I have only ever seen two of the original issue Ampegs in Australia.


Have any of you guys ever played one and if so, what were they like?




PS If you scroll down you will see an extremely rare photo of Hendrix and Richards talking about the guitar. I have never seen this priceless photo before.


Dont ya just love Keith's mullet?

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I've had three of the originals over the years. In fact I still have a '69, and it is for sale ($3000).


As you might imagine they are very unique guitars, they're really nothing like anything else I've ever played or heard. I traded a couple of JBL 15" speakers for my first one, just because it was so unique. It got stolen and it was replaced with one that was pretty beat up. I sold that one and then found a really nice one at Mandolin brothers years later.


They have incredible sustain and are very edgy (and very heavy). The sound is never what I would use for what I played at the time, Motown R&B and blues, but it was a fun guitar to pull out to play for a set now and then. Since I now play exclusively blues and jazz I have no use for the one I have and are selling it. These would be a great guitar for heavier style rock and metal.


Besides the body being made out of Lucite (plexiglass), they had a couple of other unique and ahead-of-their-time features. They have a 24 fret neck with all frets easily reachable with the contoured cutaway. They also had interchangable pickups. I think there were five different pickups available originally (I have three of them with the one I'm selling), and they fastened by a thumb screw on the back and slide into the top onto a couple of banana plugs. You can change the pickup in about 30 seconds or less.


I'm surprised more heavy rockers and metal players didn't picked up on these, maybe there is just not that many originals around. Mine is the 324th one built. I would also think that with the wide flat 24 fret easy access neck they would be great for slide.


Here's a great website on the man and his guitars: http://www.danarmstrong.org/intro.html

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