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What is your recommended Amp Setup?


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 I am currently using a couple of MIC tube amps, Stage Right 15 watt with 12" Celestions with a Tech 21 multi pedal and a Vox Was. In addition an analog Delay and Chorus in the effects loop. I was in the solid state world for too long and really digging the warmth Valves.....


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3 hours ago, Pinch said:

Going easy on the gain is always good for tone, unless you're playing metal. 

Top-notch advice, huh? 

It seems that what comes out of me not matter what I try is Old Metal flavor. I resurrected "For hat its Worth" yesterday at my weekend jam and people liked it. Since I go back to when the Yardbirds were new, I also do Shapes, Better Man Than I, I'm a Man and a few others. I usually run my Gain between 4 (low volume) and 3 as the Volume goes up.

2 hours ago, pohatu771 said:

I plug a guitar into my Vox AC15.

If I'm in a different room, I plug it into my Vox AC4TV mini.

I like to walk around outdoors and play using my mini Marshall cranked all the way, which kind of works for Lead un till the battery dies.. But if I want better outdoor battery sound I use my Roland Micro Cubes.

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