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I need help! (j-160e)


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As exactly this set is something a lot of people have chosen to switch for an ordinary bridge/saddle over the years, there should be a chance of finding one on the web. 

I personally found a ceramic saddle on FB in 2016 and didn't look back.

You know the thoughts on the concept are divided - glad you're loyal to the original. Actually believe to many were exchanged beyond the possibility to rewind. 

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I have to admit this is a new one on me.  The only models I have seen up close and personal with the optional ADJ saddle bridge have been a J45 and J50.  And like somebody else noted the majority now sported a fixed saddle bridge  I would think though your only options would be to buy one used or as suggested contacting Gibson as they still offer guitars with that bridge so should have it in stock.  Assuming your guitar has the laminate bridge plate the standard ADJ bridge guitars had you also might want to check it out.  These had a nasty habit of splitting.  A guy I know just got his 1962 Epi Frontier back from the shop which had this problem.  

And I tried every kind of saddle there is including bone on my '61 and '63 B45-12s.  I ended up going back to the original rosewood saddle.   

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